Blazin is a retail store that sells trendy, skate-inspired fashions and accessories where a good portion of the profits are put aside to build an all-inclusive skateparks across the states. A safe-space is offered for all types of skaters to come together and build their chosen family. No gate-keeping is allowed!
The logo is a lettermark logo of a lowercase 'b' on fire to signify the skaters are hot and blazin through on their wheels. It sets a fun, trendy and inviting tone.
This in-store posters showcases one of our skaters expressing their individuality by  landing their trick. 
This brochure is sent out with purchases in order to educate and tell the public what blazin's mission is in the world. Bringing in elements of fun, poppy and bold designs that break the barriers. 
Blazin's website is an experience in itself as each screen is a different layout with interacting elements and radical graphics where customers can shop, read about the mission and see what parks have been built out. 
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