Hi, I’m Somra Shafiq (sum-rah shah-feek), a first generation Pakistani-American visual designer born and raised in Houston, Texas. I love how the universal language of design allows me to blend my two worlds together — seamlessly. I’m a tireless advocate for human rights (especially BIPOC), and a lover of laughter, friends, breakfast foods, and the color pink, clearly. As a child, I've always had a love for art, but I was also really into problem solving. I always struggled with finding a passion that put my left and right brain to work, but finally was able to find what I love by doing digital art classes in high school. With that I just immersed myself into the lifestyle and am grateful everyday that I can insert my bold personality and bright style into my work and create projects to bring people together. 
My work is mainly focused on art direction, branding, and UX/UI, but I can assure my skills are here to deliver. I graduated with an MFA in Communication Design from TXST 2021 and have years of experience with designing. Check out my resume! 

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