Eesh Formals is a family owned prom dress store located in the Cypress suburbs of Houston, Texas. Prom is a special night and Eesh formals is proud to say they only sell one type of dress to each school. No one at the school could outshine your moment. Also, Eesh is derived from Hindi has the lucky number of 1, so It's The One!
In high school, I worked here for 2 years and it was beautiful to see people get excited about their special nights. For my Interactive Media III class, we had to create an enterprise app to make our jobs easier.
We made sure to not sell multiples of the same dress to the same school, but kept the information in a notebook that had no organization. The issue was that it took a good few minutes to search for the dress codes and it was easy to make mistakes. Only one notebook was available to the 5/6 workers on the floor plus the owners and it wasn't very efficient. 
The user signs in with their employee code and are taken to the homepage. 
The employee can use the camera to scan up to five dress codes and at the end of the scans, the employee is able to see what schools have been sold those dresses already.

If the dress is sold, then the employee can help the customer find a dress that is similar. There is a filtered search where they can search by designer, color, style, and excluded school. 
The employee can also pull up most popular dresses, and look by designer. Search results are filtered by what they type in/filter. 
Lastly, the employee can add schools to each dress once they have sold a dress. 
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